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Which kind are vehicle are you looking for?

Which kind of VTS unit do you need?

electric poweredmechanically powered

How many signals should the VTS unit display?
3 traffic signals5 traffic signals11 traffic signals

How should the vehicle be externally equipped?
Cover rear panelLower section of rear panelHeavy load sign

Which interior fittings do you require?
Auxiliary heatingWash basin12 volt fridge, 43 litres

Should the vehicle be expanded?
Interior expansion

Which communication system do you prefer?
CB radio + CB antenna, including installation ofhand-held radio

Which other equipment do you require?
Two rotating beaconsHella headlightsThree additional rotating beaconsTwo additional batteries and switchesBF3 equipment

Three roof beams are required for mounting. Who is supplying these?
I am bringing three roof beamsThe three roof beams should be ordered by Ch. Pikos

Should we take on handling for you?
DEKRA Section 21StVZO Registration/Approval

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